• Ms Tonya Intro

  • Assignment assess

  • Why film & tv

  • What to expect

  • The benefits 

  • The sacrifices

  • The commitment

  • Goal setting



  • Assignment assess

  • Call Sheets 

  • Daily schedule

  • Prod. schedule

  • Shooting sched

  • One-liner

  • DOOD’s

  • Breakdowns


  • Assignment assess

  • Student assess

  • Self promotion

  • Brand building

  • Content creation

  • Marketing

  • Union preparation

  • Pros and cons


  • Period Hairstyling

  • Why it's important

  • Basic tools

  • Foundations

  • Class Demo

  • Set-up

  • Student apply with instruction

Buy Course

Receive 4 weeks of training on how to become a Celebrity Hairstylist for film and tv. You will be able to view at your time and discretion, recorded sessions via zoom of the Mastermind course with Ms. Tonya and several of her students.

You will also receive a book presentation and documents to help you reach the elite as a celebrity hairstylist.

The original 4 week course is 497.00 but you can receive access to the full course in recorded sessions for half price during this limited time.


At the end of this course participants should be able to:

  • Know and understand what set etiquette really means

  • Learn how to understand & properly fill out paperwork

  • Learn time management & responsibilities

  • Learn the how to & importance of continuity

  • Know Union Rules and Guidelines find paying jobs which qualify for union credit

  • Create your own identity brand Become an asset to any production

  • Design a road map to success to reach elite status

  • Learn how to research and do Period Hairstyles

  • Get into the tight niche Members-Only film industry

  • Increase your cash flow & learn how to earn retirement benefits

  • Learn Safety, Sanitation & Confidentiality

  • Learn production language and how to properly navigate

What this course will consist of: In this course you will join Tonya via recorded videos and live chats along with students from around the world

  • Surprise visits from other Elite Beauty Pro's in the industry who will be dropping in to share their expertise

  • Practical applications of step by step procedures on many different period hair styling techniques

  • You will receive hands -on applications you can follow along and participate in

  • You will receive evaluation and extra-curricular studies to make sure you're on track

  • You will receive Powerpoint presentations and PDF. downloads on information which will help you get prepared for union status


By the end of this course you will be confident in your quest to reach elite status as a film & tv motion picture professional


Mastermind Beauty Professional Film Training Course

Created By Tonya Cryer

Copyright: TXu 2-139-186 Feb 28, 2019

This course was created for beauty professionals who want to obtain a career as a beauty professional in film and television. All beauty professionals are invited to participate including barbers, hair stylists, makeup artists, wigmakers, special fx artists, costumer’s etc..

The creator, Tonya Cryer is a veteran in the film industry and holds the position of Journeyman hairstylist. This is a classification established by the industry and given to its members who are trained in particular crafts such as period hairstyling, wig application and special fx hairstyling.

Tonya has put together this platform with you in mind. It was created to get you informed and prepared to reach elite status as a beauty professional to the stars.

Tonya has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry and 30 years in the beauty industry. She has traveled across the country in her career as a hairstylist and educator. During her journey as a hairstylist she has owned and operated 3 salons and managed several others. She specializes in extensions and natural hair care. In Tonya's career she has worked on hundreds of film and television projects. Some projects were, Ugly Betty where she styled hair for former Miss America, Vanessa Williams, Gabrielle Union, Naomi Cambell, Eric Mabius, and many others. Then there was The Game in which she department headed  1/2 off season 3  and styled the lovely Wendy Raquel Williams, Brittany Daniels  and Gabrielle Dennis. Tonya department headed season 4 of Being Mary Jane and her talented hands landed on Valerie Patterson, Lisa Vidal,  Margaret Avery, Cardi B and many others. Tonya has a long list of television shows and films she has lended her talent to including season 1 of Blackish where she was assigned to do the gorgeous mane of Yara Shahidi, Jennier Lewis, Jeff Mecham and of course many more. One of Tonya's hardest and most favorite jobs lasted 3 seasons on Scandal. Her daily human canvas heads to play in were Bellamy Young who played Madame President, Kate Burton vice president, Joe Morton (daddy Pope), Khandi Alexander (mama Pope) and so many others. Tonya's most recent feats are one of Apple tv's newest films  which is currently streaming and called The Banker. In this film her baby doll was Nia Long. This was a period film which also starred Anthony Mackie, Samuel L.Jackson and Nichalous Hoult. Nick was Tonya's canvas as well. Everyone was transformed into the 1930's, 50's, and 60's.  Period hairstyling is one of Tonya's favorite skills.  Her other latest and probably the most adventurous production was her position as key hairstylist in the new Netflix release BlackAF. In this new streaming episodic Kenya Barris who is the Creator of Blackish plays himself. So it’s like a scripted reality. Super fun show.  There are so many things to mention. Her styling skills have been featured in many productions around the world. She has created this course to teach you how to reach elite status.

Every week has something new. Tonya’s students are excited and learning a lot. They are confident they will succeed with the tools they are being provided with.

Want to know more?


This course is created for beauty professionals who want to excel in the film industry. You will learn what the industry is about, the necessary requirements to become a crew member and how you can be an asset to any production. You will learn the meaning and requirements of set etiquette. You will learn union guidelines, rules, and regulations that prepare you to become qualified to apply for union status. You'll be informed on regulations that members have to adhere to which protects the confidentiality of the production, privacy of the cast, and respectfully honors each and every crew member. You will learn ways to promote yourself to be seen by industry pros who can hire you. On completion of the course, you will have the knowledge to take you to new heights and help you reach elite status as a Hairstylist to the Stars. Disclaimer… This class is not affiliated with the union but produced by a union member who has years of experience and vast knowledge of the industry guidelines and regulations for qualification. Should you have any questions about joining Local 798 or Local 706 Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Unions please contact: Director, 798 Head of new membership, Jessica Padilla email: membership@local798.net or Randy Sayer at rsayer@ialocal706.org

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