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Hello Film Hairstylists,

A lot of people ask me why I made the decision to relocate from Los Angeles to Atlanta. I wanted to try something new. I was scared at first but then I thought If not now, when? What can I lose besides gaining experience? I’m an adventurer by nature and kind of an introvert. But I rarely ever let something stop me from doing what I want to do. I believe you will never go wrong when you believe in yourself and chase your dream. You’ll receive a lesson and a blessing. I obtained Makeup & Hair Union status in 2005 in Los Angeles. I became a member of Makeup Artist & Hairstylist Union 798 in 2017 in Atlanta. I have over 20 years of experience as a beauty professional. In my career I've made over a million dollars. I've owned several salons, traveled the world, teaching and heading up several television shows and feature films. If you have a desire to work in beauty or film perhaps I can be your coach.

I'd love to show you how to:

  • Get in the tight nich film industry

  • Find good paying jobs which qualify for union credit

  • Understand navigating in production world

  • Create your own identity brand and stand out

  • Design a road map to success

  • Increase your cash flow & learn how to earn retirement benefits

  • Join an Elite Members-Only group

  • Live the Life of your dreams

You now have VIP consideration for my coaching mastermind. We'll Begin with a FREE 20 min phone consultation to discuss if you're a good fit for the (Mastermind Class.  If you’re not quite ready for the Mastermind Class I have (1 hour Coaching Sessions available ) I look forward to coaching you to live your dreams and reach elite status as a celebrity hairstylist.

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Video Chat Coaching Session - 1 hour

This 1 on 1 Coaching Session I will help prep you for working in the entertainment industry. I will give you an introduction to the 4 week course. If you’re already working in film I can answer any questions you may have or help you with anything you may be struggling with such as hairstyling, paperwork, identity branding etc.


(4) Week Sessions (3hrs.) x 4 = 12 hrs. Group Instruction Webinar

In this course you will join Tonya via recorded videos and live chats along with students from around the world.

By the end of this course you will have the tool to help you reach elite status as a film & television  professional.

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