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Born and raised in Los Angeles, California by parents from Louisiana who are both currently entrepreneurs and business owners. Tonya Cryer was destined to be phenomenal. Her career began at the ripe age of 15 when she began styling hair for herself, family and friends. Once graduating high school she decided to go to beauty school and dive into her love for beauty. Once graduating she was on fire and immediately began competing in international hair expos and working for several product companies and has won numerous awards for her creative hair styling skills. During this time she decided to go into business for herself and created several. Her 1st was a partnership in a Beauty & Barber shop. She also created a mobile beauty service that catered to well to do, celebrities and the elderly. Tonya stayed busy traveling across the country teaching students advanced hairstyling and cutting techniques along with product knowledge. She didn’t stop there and soon after met someone who would change her life. She was fortunate to meet her mentor who guided her into the wonderful world of motion pictures.