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This 12 hours course is created for beauty professionals who want to excel in the film industry. You will learn what the industry is about, the necessary requirements to become a crew member and how you can be an asset to any production.

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Learn how to get

noticed by producers looking for qualified beauty professionals


Learn production requirements for

motion picture and television beauty professionals


Learn how to create a road map to reach elite status and become a celebrity hairstylist for motion pictures


Hi guys, I'm so glad you stopped by my page. I have so much to share with you. Over the years I have been blessed to work among many talented artists and have lived my dream of working behind the scenes of film and television. I have learned many tricks of the trade to help me manage time and be efficient in production. I understand the importance of many standards and practices and I always try to do my best to be an asset. It's my mission to encourage others which is my purpose for creating this platform to share with you. I want those who are excited about getting  into the film industry as a beauty pro to come on this journey with me. Here's a little insight on my presentation.


Check out this FREE 10 minute video on How to Become A Motion Picture Hairstylist. 

This series is called Mastermind Beauty Pro. ENJOY!


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